Helmi Vent Helmi Vent

Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette. Ein Performance-Labor (Film)

A film documentation by Helmi Vent

The film “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette.  Ein Performance-Labor”
documents a Lab Inter Arts project at the “Cooperation Focus Area Science and Art”, Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg, Wintersemester 2015-16.
Language: German. Film length: 92 min. 


Marilia Almeida (Theatre Studies); Irina Dannenberg (Dance Studies); Sophia Fischbacher (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Saskia Muriel Gompf (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Katharina Grießer (Art Education and Textile Design); Stefanie Grutschnig (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Johanna Heller (Music Education, focus on Oboe); Tobias Hofer (Communication Science); Manuel Riemelmoser (German and History); Christian Schuhbeck (Voice); Ramona Schulz (Music Education, focus on Piano); Julia Süß (Music Education, focus on Guitar); Marena Weller (Music and Dance Pedagogy)

Contributors of the film documentation during production and post-production

 Stefan Aglassinger and Toldy Miller (camera); Georg Pircher and Mike Übleis (camera-second unit); Martin Gerhard Hantich (sound recording and additional camera); Jan Fredrich (boom operator); Georg Götz (lighting design); Stefan Ebner (lighting assistant); Veronika Wieser (additional camera and editing); Tobias Meister (color correction); Helmi Vent (editing concept, project direction and film production)


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