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Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette

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Karin Mairitsch: Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts. Insights into the Performance Lab ‹Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette› [shoulda woulda coulda]

The book by Karin Mairitsch
gives insight into the process-oriented concept and practices of the Lab Inter Arts, headed by Helmi Vent. It refers to the filmic documentation of the performance lab ‹Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette› [shoulda woulda coulda], accessible by QR code. The author, Karin Mairitsch, has developed an independent approach to the film via her artistic research reflections on art, art education and life, and has chosen artistic-transformative means for the book’s design, which let the performance lab appear in a different light anew.

Imprint: Karin Mairitsch: Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts
Insights into the Performance-Lab ‹Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette› [shoulda woulda coulda]

1st edition 2020, Publisher: Vexer Verlag, St. Gallen / Berlin; Pages: 280; Language: German, English; Editorial Design: Karin Mairitsch; Implementation: Roger Tschopp; Translation: Kirstin Burckhardt; Editorial: Anna-Lena Wenzel, Simoné Goldschmidt-Lechner; Photographs: Film Stills from the documentation material by Stefan Aglassinger and Toldy Miller; Production: Merkur Druck
ISBN 978-3-907112-25-0

Announcement in the Vexer publishing program St. Gallen / Berlin

Book presentation and short film Karin Mairitsch: Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts

Press: Thomas Manhart: Das Universum der Helmi Vent (PDF). In: Salzburger Nachrichten: Uni-Nachrichten, 03 October 2020, p. 15


Helmi Vent: Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette – Ein Performance-Labor

The film “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette – Ein Performance-Labor”
documents a Lab Inter Arts project at the “Cooperation Focus Area Science and Art”, Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg, Wintersemester 2015-16. Language: German. Film length: 92 min.


Marilia Almeida (Theatre Studies); Irina Dannenberg (Dance Studies); Sophia Fischbacher (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Saskia Muriel Gompf (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Katharina Grießer (Art Education and Textile Design); Stefanie Grutschnig (Music and Dance Pedagogy); Johanna Heller (Music Education, focus on Oboe); Tobias Hofer (Communication Science); Manuel Riemelmoser (German and History); Christian Schuhbeck (Voice); Ramona Schulz (Music Education, focus on Piano); Julia Süß (Music Education, focus on Guitar); Marena Weller (Music and Dance Pedagogy)

Contributors of the film documentation during production and post-production

Stefan Aglassinger and Toldy Miller (camera); Georg Pircher and Mike Übleis (camera-second unit); Martin Gerhard Hantich (sound recording and additional camera); Jan Fredrich (boom operator); Georg Götz (lighting design); Stefan Ebner (lighting assistant); Veronika Wieser (additional camera and editing); Tobias Meister (color correction); Helmi Vent (editing concept, project direction and film production)