Helmi Vent Helmi Vent

2010 Multi-Stage-Theater

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Project Development and Direction

Helmi Vent

Project Partners

LIA – Lab Inter Arts, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria)
Program of Study "MultiMediaArt" (MMA) at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
Focus Area "Wissenschaft und Kunst" (Science and Art) at the University of Salzburg in Cooperation with the University Mozarteum Salzburg


Students from different programs of study according to the courses of study of the project partners

Technical Direction

Martin Gerhard Hantich

AV Documentation and Camera

Martin Gerhard Hantich

Location and Period of Time

Main building of the University of Applied Sciences,
Urstein Süd, A-5412 Puch/Salzburg
October 2010 – January 2011

A project carried out in cooperation between the University Mozarteum, the University Salzburg and the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg (Graduate Study Program MultiMediaArt (MMA), Fall 2010

About the Project


The "Multi-Stage-Theater" links students of LIA – Lab Inter Arts/Universität Mozarteum and the Fachhochschule Salzburg/Dept. of Multimedia Art with students of Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg. Guests are cordially welcome.
Location and 'stage' of the project work is the main building of the FH, in particular the foyer area.

The project participants will be guided in:

  • experimenting with and reflecting on space-sound-body-theater experiences;
  • documenting their experiences and discoveries, evaluating them, and developing them into performative sequences;
  • staging the sequences in accordance with selected parameters (e.g. contexts of life and environment, aesthetic and/or societal aspects).

Depending on the abilities and interests of the participants, work processes and results will be audio-visually recorded and then processed, edited and published using various media composition possibilities. The project will conclude with a public presentation of selected parts of the "Multi-Stage-Theater" (probably in the summer semester of 2011).


Press: LIA - Lab Inter Arts - Neue Kooperation mit der Fachhochschule Salzburg (PDF)


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