Helmi Vent Helmi Vent

2005 Pezzettino – Facets of Identity

Pezzettino – Facets of Identity
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Film Production

Helmi Vent

Film Project Participants

Performers of the “TanzMusikTheater-Werkstatt”


Stefan Aglassinger, Chris Amrhein, Christian Datz, Coloman Kallós, Hannes Klein

AV Post-Production and Editing

Hanz Eder, Martin Gerhard Hantich

Technical Direction of the Film Presentation

Hanz Eder

Location and Date

Zentrum im Berg (ZIB), Salzburg
14 Nov. 2005, 19.30

Short Films 2005: Splitters of one’s own identity in personal and interpersonal patchwork fabrics

About the Project

In the dynamic landscapes of patchwork-identities the short films provide insights into young people’s non-verbal attempts to 'say' something about themselves and to discuss what they 'said' with others. Besides patchwork-splitters Pezzettino – Facetten von Identität (Facets of Identity) also examines those portions of the protagonists’ personal biographies which are consistently contemplated and discussed during artistic development and workshop processes (also see the seminar Concepts of Identity, Winter 2005-06).



Illustration from: LIONNI, Leo: Pezzettino. G. Middelhauve Verlag, Cologne, 1977

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