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2002 Word-Sound-Body-Essays

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Concept and Project Direction

Helmi Vent

Project Partners

University Mozarteum Salzburg
ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (Salzburg regional Studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)
Salzburg University


Chris Amrhein, Salzburg: Undertone singing and action theater
Joëlle Léandre, Paris: Double Bass
Lauren Newton, Tübingen und USA: VoiceArt
Benjamin Schmid, Salzburg: Violine, E-Violin
Mikloš Skuta, Bratislawa: Piano, E-Piano

Ensemble "moz.art.percussioneum", Salzburg:
Rainer Furthner, Martin Grubinger, Manuel Kendler, Andreas Steiner

Ensemble "focuspocus":
Werner Puntigam, Linz: Posaune
Klaus Dickbauer (als Gast), Wien: Bassklarinette
Zoro Babel, München: Percussion, Akkordeon

Project Location

ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (Austria)

Performance Intermezzi

07 – 09 March 2002

Intermezzi to the Conference "Mensch und Musik" (Man and Music), University Mozarteum Salzburg, in cooperation with the ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (Salzburg regional Studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), March 2002
With instructors and students of the University Mozarteum and guest soloists 

About the Project

The concept of the "Word-Sound-Body-Essays" is an attempt to illuminate the dialogue-like relationship between speaking and music-making persons in an alternation between auditory and visual spaces. The "Word-Sound-Body-Essays" occurred like unannounced intermezzi during the two-and-a-half-day congress "Mensch und Musik" (People and Music). Wherever it seemed appropriate to them, the sound artists claimed their right to be heard, without waiting for a change of speakers, a break, or a designated time on the program. They interfered – discreetly, reservedly, provocatively, loudly – in welcomes, lectures, receptions. They took the risk of not knowing whether they would surprise the participants in the "People and Music" congress, disrupt them, or call their attention to what the 'people' might perceive, feel, think or wish to say at the moment when the 'music' began.

The 'sound speakers' were the only ones who knew what was planned and when it would happen; the 'word speakers' knew only who it was that would be interfering in their talks. The concept played with people’s curiosity about what can happen between people and music.

During a panel discussion, for example, at the end of the section devoted to the theme of "Art and its Function in the Education Process", the sound speakers of the afternoon – Werner Puntigam, trombone, Klaus Dickbauer, bass clarinet, und Zoro Babel, accordion and percussion, – were seated between the word speakers Horst Rumpf, Hans Günther Bastian, Franz Niermann und der moderator. See: Films.

Helmi Vent


Wort-Klang-Körper-Essays - Program (PDF-Download)


"Wortreden, Klangreden und lautstarke Interjektionen. Der Salzburger Kongress bestach durch ungewöhnliche Präsentationsformen"
[Talking in Words and Sounds with Loud Interjections. Unusual Presentation Forms at the Salzburg Conference] by Juliane Ribke (in German).
nmz (neue musikzeitung), 01 May 2002. Issue 5/2002, p. 24, 51st year


Wort-Klang-Körper-Essays. Performance-Fragmente
[Word-Sound-Body-Essays. Performance Fragments]

Camera: Felix Bauer, Peter Pfund
Sound recording: Walter Seiler
Editing concept: Stefan Aglassinger and Helmi Vent
Video editing and mastering: Stefan Aglassinger
Audio editing and mastering: Michele Gaggia
Film Production: Helmi Vent/University Mozarteum Salzburg. © 2003

Video Film Premiere "Wort-Klang-Körper-Essays. Performance-Fragmente"
[Word-Sound-Body-Essays. Performance Fragments]

20 November 2003 at the "Zentrum im Berg", Fürbergstraße 18-20, Salzburg, 19:30 and 20:30

Video Film Premiere Poster



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