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1987 "Art is when ..."

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Project Direction, Concept and Staging

Helmi Vent


Werner Beidinger, Ulrike Christian, Thomas Heuer, Ursula Demarmels, Daniel Erismann (Live Percussion), Katharina Grill, Silke Kreuzer, Markus Kuchenbuch (Flute), Susanne Rebholz, Dietmar Rudolf, Barbara Schönewolf, Irene Schwappach

Playback Musik

Johann Sebastian Bach: "Badinerie" (excerpts) from the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B Minor, BWV 1067, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields – Direction: Neville Marriner
Arrangement and Tape Manipulation: Helmi Vent
Arrangement of the "Badinerie": Cambridge Buskers; Raymond Lefèvre; Between; The Swingle Singers; Claude Guilhot


Großes Studio at the Hochschule Mozarteum Salzburg


05 and 06 May 1987

Guest Performances

28 April 1987, University of Music Köln (Germany)
09 May 1987, Theater Dachauer Straße, München (Germany)

"D… d… does anyone here know anything about art?"
DanceMusicLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg
Salzburg (Austria), Köln and München (Germany) 1987

About the Piece

Statements in Performance:

Daniel Erismann: "Ah, art ... now where is it (rummages in a bag), art is difficult to say ... we Swiss have different taste altogether. And when you ... that’s not it either, now where did I put it? ... and when you say art, you mean a lot of things that have to do with art ... that’s not it, either... but you don’t understand it, because it’s often much too artificial ... where is It ... it’s not there, either ... but the term art, as such ... it’s not here, either ... now I’ve got it at last ... (pulls a banana out the bag) ... I mean ... after all, an artist has to eat!"

Dietmar Rudolf: "Art is when ... when art is! ... but what is art, anyway? ... artwork, art event, artifice, artificial, art market ... art critic, now there’s a profession ... art catalogue, karajan, concert ticket ...  d… d… does anyone here know anything about art?"


"Kunst ist, wenn ..."
["Art is when …"]

A film documentary (short version) on the music and dance performance of the same name with the DanceMusicLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg

Concept, Staging, Performer, Location, Performances, Guest Performances: see above (Project Info)

ReEdition 2005
Revised Edition: Helmi Vent
Video Mastering: Hanz Eder
ReEdition and Production: Helmi Vent – University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria) © 2005


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