Helmi Vent Helmi Vent

2001 "I walked along ..."

I walked along ... - Ante Pavić

Ante Pavić

More information

Concept and Project Direction

Helmi Vent

Project Initiator

Prof. Dr. Hans Günther Bastian, Frankfurt (Germany)

Project Partners

DanceMusicTheaterLaboratory of the University Mozarteum Salzburg
Institute of Music Pedagogy of the Frankfurt University (Germany)


Chris Amrhein (voice, body theater, instrumental theater)
Ante Pavić (body theater/dance)
Alexandra Pesold (voice, instrumental theater, body theater/dance)
Stefan Wagner (guitar)

Project Location

Small concert hall of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt (Germany)


29 November 2001 (two performances)

A SpaceSoundBodyTheater in the context of the international and interdisciplinary symposium "Musik und Humanität" (Music and Humanity) – Frankfurt, November–December 2001

About the Project

"I walked along ...", a fragmented phrase from the beginning of a poetic ramble by Goethe ("Ich ging im Walde so für mich hin") serves as the guiding theme for the creation process of the performance: to walk along ... just for oneself, not in order to find something that one expects to find, but to find what is there and reveals itself. And to go there again, listen again ... look ... and take note – of whether, perhaps, there is something that would like to become involved in an exchange: "to seek for this … our thoughts were bent …".

Helmi Vent


"Musik und Humanität. Internationales und interdisziplinäres Symposion an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt"
["Music and Humanity. International and interdisciplinary Symposion at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt"]
University Mozarteum Salzburg (ed.): UniArt Nov. 2001, p. 26


"Ich ging ... so für mich hin". Werkstatt-Fragmente
["I Walked Along". Workshop-Fragments]

Documentary on fragments of the laboratory work in Frankfurt
Concept, Project partners, Performer, Location, Performances: see above (Project Info)
Camera: Marc Kosak, Lothar Riedl
Post-Production: Hanz Eder
Film Production: Helmi Vent – University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria) © 2004


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