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1992 Table Talks

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Concept and Project Direction

Helmi Vent


Helmi Vent and Gabriele Klein


Chris Amrhein, Ruth Derschmidt, Matthias Berghoff, Mathias Hudelmayer, Katharina Jankula, Michaela Kutter, Georg Veitl

Playback Music

Wolfgang Rihm: Zwischen den Zeilen
Anthony Braxton: C – M = B 05
Astor Piazzolla: Prologue and Street Tango

Arrangements: Helmi Vent


SZENE Salzburg, Stadtkino, Anton-Neumayr-Platz


07, 09, 10 May 1992

Guest Performance

05 May 1992, Bruckner Conservatory Linz (Austria)

A piece with people at tables with hard edges and corners
DanceMusicTheater Laboratory. Salzburg and Linz (Austria), 1992

About the Piece

Table Talks

The round table, matter without edges and corners,
Material embodiment of smoothed human relations,
Illusion of unambiguous, unopposed politics,
Semblance and reality of a world of coexistence.

Different is the table with edges and corners,
A materialization of realities between people,
Their longings and obsessions, dreams and fears,
Their norms and their wishes.

Ours is a time of tables with corners,
Variously combinable and endlessly variable.
In comprehending their dimensions we discover
That which is (apparently) humanly possible.

Gabriele Klein
(Translation by Beverley Blaschke)


"Tischreden. Stadtkino Salzburg, Mai 1992"
[Table Talks. City Cinema Salzburg, May 1992] by Eva Bannmüller.
Tanz Affiche, 5th year, no. 40, Aug./Sept. 1992

"Ist ein Tisch womöglich auch nur ein Mensch?"
[Is a Table, Perhaps, Only Human?] by Reinhard Kriechbaum
Salzburger Nachrichten, 09 May 1992


[Table Talks]

A film documentary based on the music and dance theater performance with the same name (1993) DanceMusicTheater Laboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg

Concept, Staging, Performer, Location, Performances, Guest Performance: see above (Project Info)
Camera: Christian Datz, Coloman Kallós, Michael Mikina
Video Editing: Matthias Mädel and Helmi Vent
VTR-Editing: Matthias Mädel

Presentation of the Videofilm "Tischreden"
29 November 2004 at the Zentrum im Berg, Fürbergstraße 18-20, Salzburg (Austria), 19:30

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