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2010 ConCom City Walks Mumbai 2010

ConCom City Walks Mumbai 2010 - Judith Hirsch, Robindro Nikolic, Julia Schwarzbach, Helmi Vent. Photo: Abhishek K. Mehan

Judith Hirsch, Robindro Nikolic, Julia Schwarzbach, Helmi Vent. Photo: Abhishek K. Mehan

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Project Development and Direction

Helmi Vent

Project Partners in Mumbai

Rohit Bhushan: Sitar; Nivedita Deshpande: Sculpture and installation art and Project assistance, Mumbai; Judith Hirsch: Dance and percussion, Salzburg; Abhishek K. Mehan: Camera assistance and photography, Mumbai; Robindro Nikolic: Clarinet and musicology, Salzburg; Julia Schwarzbach: Dance and artistic research, Salzburg

AV Documentation, Video Location Recording

Martin Gerhard Hantich

Location and Time

Mumbai (India); 05 – 27 September 2010


Lab Inter Arts/University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria)
University of Salzburg in cooperation with the University Mozarteum Salzburg, focus area:
sciences and arts
Private sponsors

An intercultural encounter and performance project with partners from Mumbai (India) and the Lab Inter Arts, Salzburg (Austria), September 2010

About the Project

City Walks Mumbai 2010 is a project of the cross-culturally oriented ConCom series at LIA – Lab Inter Arts, a series which brings people of different countries together and allows experimental performance ideas to develop on site in a joint development process.

City Walks Mumbai 2010 continues the interdisciplinary laboratory work this time in public spaces in Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The project series had begun in 2009 at the Kala Academy Goa/India (see ConCom Goa 2009). The situational phenomena encountered on site will provide both framework conditions and challenges.

The laboratory work comprises exercises in perception to be found at living spaces and selected places in Mumbai: living areas, streets, squares, bridges, train stations. The process of encountering begins with listening, observing and sensing in order to get into resonance with a place and its people.



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