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  • The ConCom projects at LIA take an intercultural approach. They bring people from different countries together and are characterized by the joint development of a laboratory project at the site of the partner institution (In the years 2009–2012, India is the location of a project series). In an overall sense, the projects aim at finding integral forms of cultural and social participation in the sense of "doing culture".

  • The laboratory work lasts 2 to 4 weeks and ends, as a rule, depending on the local situation, with a public performance. As in all LIA projects, audiovisual documentations ensure the sustainability also of the ConCom projects. Both socio-cultural and societal phenomena get involved in the laboratory work; they are basic condition as well as a challenge and task.

  • From a societal perspective, the ConCom projects are to be seen as an intercultural future workshop, which, in the search for common forms of expression and communication, focus on the numerous facets of cultural diversity. This leads to questions such as:
    - Where are the possibilities and limits of communication in the "other" culture in the joint performative process?
    - How can the culturally different potential be used as a special primum mobile in the artistic process?

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