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2010 Lisa Sokolov, New York: Embodied VoiceWork

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Course Concept and Direction

Lisa Sokolov

Course Support

Hemi Vent

Project Partners and Sponsors

LIA – Lab Inter Arts, Mozarteum University Salzburg
Kulturelle Sonderprojekte der Salzburger Landesregierung
St. Virgil Salzburg, Education and Conference Centre

Course Location and Date

St. Virgil Salzburg, Education and Conference Centre
29 October – 02 November 2010, all day

A guest course about Embodying the Voice with Lisa Sokolov for students of LIA – Lab Inter Arts, Salzburg

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About the Course

The workshop is about exploring the resources and the power within the process of finding and freeing one's voice. Through free vocal improvisation each person connects his or her own music, as well as the experience of listening and improvising with others. The tools of this work are breath, tone, touch, imagery and vocal improvisation. Through a series of developmentally sequenced exercises we use these tools to connect to impulse and information in the body. We then move into a process of exploration, awareness, release, strengthening and integration of the body, the voice and the self. Individual work evolves into duet and group work.

The goal of the work is to embody the voice, to come more fully into one's body, one's sound, one's music and one's expressiveness.

Lisa Sokolov


In the course of a one week workshop with Lisa Sokolov, Arts Professor at the New York University, at the Lab Inter Arts, Salzburg, Helmi Vent has recorded a conversation with her. In the film document, edited in August 2012, Lisa Sokolov speaks about the meaning of singing in her life, her understanding of sounds and about her Embodied VoiceWork. Her particular interest applies to the question, what it can mean to go into relationship with one’s self and with others while singing.

Camera, Sound and AV-Editing: Martin Gerhard Hantich
Camera Assistant: Petra Kettl
Film Production: Helmi Vent 2010/2012

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