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2016 Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette [shoulda woulda coulda] – A Performance Lab (Film)

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Film Production and Production Management

Helmi Vent © LIA – Lab Inter Arts, 2016

Pre-Production Partners

LIA – Lab Inter Arts
„Kooperationsschwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst“, a cooperation of the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg

Post-Produktion Partners

LIA – Lab Inter Arts
media creation GmbH


Marilia Almeida, Irina Dannenberg, Sophia Fischbacher, Saskia Muriel Gompf, Katharina Grießer, Stefanie Grutschnig, Johanna Heller, Tobias Hofer, Manuel Riemelmoser, Christian Schuhbeck, Ramona Schulz, Julia Süß, Marena Weller


Camera: Stefan Aglassinger, Toldy Miller
Second Unit: Martin Gerhard Hantich, Georg Pircher, Mike Übleis, Veronika Wieser
Sound: Martin Gerhard Hantich
Boom Operator: Jan Fredrich
Lighting Design: Georg Götz
Lighting Assistant: Stefan Ebner


Editing Concept: Helmi Vent
Editing: Veronika Wieser
Colour Grading: Tobias Meister

The film “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette [shoulda woulda coulda] – A Performance Lab” documents the process of the Lab Inter Arts project of the same name with students from different fields of study at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and the Mozarteum University Salzburg in the winter semester 2015-16.



“Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette [shoulda woulda coulda] – A Performance Lab” like all other film documentaries, forms the basis of the audio-visually supported aesthetic research on the respective performance projects in the Lab Inter Arts. Information on the pre-production: project content, project partners, project participants as well as information on the film recording and technical team of the AV documentation, see: “Performance Studio. An AV-Documented Experimental Platform”.

Under this working title the filming of the entire project development takes place in the winter semester 2015-16. The filming follows what happens during the improvisation processes on site (“Opera Studio” of the Mozarteum University). No script, no content in stock, no predictable camera, micro or headlight position.


Post-production of the “shoulda woulda coulda” project is mainly focused on:

Sighting of all raw material (20 real hours multiplied by 2-3 times synchronous camera hours). Sound transcription of everything spoken. Description of all image, sound, including voice and instrumental sound motifs with detailed timecode information. Analysis and evaluation of the AV raw material. Renaming and creation of categories of compositional structures for individual film chapters. Selection of film parts as well as image, sound and language motifs as a basis for the preliminary editing concept. Creation of a dramaturgical overall idea for the film. Assignment of the selected image and sound motifs to the different film chapters. Pre editing in an AV studio with subsequent film preview for all those involved in the film project in an event room equipped for film presentations. Preliminary edit corrections and subsequent final Edit, film length 92 min., language: German. Sound editing, mixing and final colour grading.

Film Presentation

20 October 2016, 19.00 (Film Premiere)
21 and 22 October 2016, 19.30 (Further Screenings)
DAS KINO, Salzburger Filmkulturzentrum
Giselakai 11, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Film Archiving and Contextual Survey

The film “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette – Ein Performance-Labor” is archived both in the Lab Inter Arts Archive and in the Central Film Archive Laxenburg of the “Filmarchiv Austria”, an organization for the finding, reconstruction and storage of Austrian film documents.

In addition to securing and archiving the performance project documentations, LIA keeps its film archives, including “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette”, mobile and open to new circuits, new labs, new processes of making art.

Other user communities inside and outside universities, users from different layers of society, various professional divisions and art areas will question the “shoulda woulda coulda” in their own way. They will make their study and society contexts a topic, with their own concepts and (digital) techniques and perhaps enter into a new dialogue with “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette – A Performance-Lab” from 2020.

The Film as a Stimulus for a Book Lab

2020 10 Karin Mairitsch LabInterArts02 DE

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