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2012-13 Life Artists – Life Art

Life Artists – Life Art
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Project Direction

Helmi Vent

Project Partners

Focus Area “Science&Art”, University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Mozarteum University

Project Participants

Anita Biebl, Maria Eppensteiner, Sophia Frick, Katrin Galler, Anna-Maria Hefele, Tobias Hofer, Katharina Kapsamer, Lisa Lumesberger, Junko Nagaya, Manuela Paierhofer, Rebecca Prem, Julian Radam, Karo Reifschneider, Manuel Riemelmoser

Fellow Travelers

Barbara Keller, Mr. Wolfgang, Tambo aus dem Senegal, Peter Wetzelsberger

Project Assistance

Christina Pointner

AV Documentation

Kathrin Brandstetter
Elke Thalhammer


The life-stages of people in Salzburg
Outdoor-spaces on the Salzach River, on the Mönchsberg, etc.
The opera studio and a seminar room, Mozarteum University Salzburg

Period of time

October 2012 – June 2013

A project to facilitate encounters with “Lebenskünstler” (life artists). The stages upon which these artists live their lives offer opportunities to take part in joint projects on location. Salzburg 2012-13.

About the Project

Course Content:

  • Field studies, in which we come into contact with people in and around Salzburg who are artistically successful outside of the contemporary aesthetic mainstream;
  • 2 to 3 projects in the field, in which we utilize the 'stories' of the life artists we encounter and their respective life 'works' on their own life stages as an opportunity to engage in small, on-site collaborations.
  • Text studies: see Seminar Life Artists – Life Art


Katrin Galler: Life Artists – Life Art (Life Artists – Life Arts) (PDF)
In: Participate. Kultur aktiv gestalten (Producing culture actively). eJournal of the Study programme  Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production at the focus area Science&Art, University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Mozarteum University. Issue 03 I 19.2013


The cinematic documentation of the project “Lebenskünstler – Lebenskunst“ (Life Artists – Life Art) from 2012-13 was edited in 2014 under the title Next Door – Between Life Art and "Leberkas"

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