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2021 LIA Mirabell Talks (Film)

LIA Mirabell Talks
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Film Production and Production Management

LIA – Lab Inter Arts © Helmi Vent, 2021

Post Production Partners

LIA – Lab Inter Arts mediacreation GmbH

Conversation Team

Tobias Hofer Karin Mairitsch Manuel Riemelmoser Gerbert Schwaighofer Marena Weller Helmi Vent


Stefan Aglassinger Toldy Miller

Sound Recording and Mixing

Bernhard Lohner

Editing and Colour Correction

Stefan Aglassinger

Location and Time

Mirabellpark Salzburg Film-Recording: 10 November 2020

The four-part film series from March 2021 documents walk talks in Salzburg’s Mirabellpark. Reason for the talks: the book publication by Karin Mairitsch from September 2020: Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts. Insights into the Performance Lab „Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette“ [shoulda woulda coulda]

Film Series

Conversation Team

Gerbert Schwaighofer: Head of the “Cooperation Focus Area Science and Art”, Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg (2012-2020)
Karin Mairitsch: Author of the book: Helmi Vent – Lab Inter Arts
Insights into the Performance Lab „Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette“ [shoulda woulda coulda] (2020)
Helmi Vent: Head of Lab Inter Arts – LIA
Tobias Hofer, Manuel Riemelmoser, Marena Weller: Participants in the project
Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette. Ein Performance-Labor. An interdisciplinary project
at the Cooperation Focus Area Science and Art, winter semester 2015-16

Conversation Excerpts

Gerbert Schwaighofer: “I’m probably one of the very few who first read the book after seeing the film … What inspired you to make this book? Karin Mairitsch: “Tears actually.” 

Karin Mairitsch: “It was important to me to formulate what the film mirrored to me and what resonated in me.”

Manuel Riemelmoser: “It’s basically about what happens in a person or what people can develop and build together … It is always such a mixture of concept-have and conceptlessness.”

Gerbert Schwaighofer: “That was the key word for me: ‘life laboratory’. As we talked for the first time about the moderation of the book, I asked you [Helmi Vent], do you see this rather as a sociological project, a political project or an educational project or as an art project. And then the word “life laboratory” helped me a lot. It’s all in one.“

Book Lab

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