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LIA Working Methods

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  • LIA projects develop their questions, their performance modes, their material, their group constellations, forms etc. out of the respective laboratory process and the persons involved in that process. What is set in motion and comes to the surface during the laboratory process becomes raw material for a subsequent performance concept.

  • LIA projects avoid presentations of artistic repertoire in the initial phases. In the interspaces of SpaceSoundBodyTheater, community and environment the projects focus more on explorative processes in which artistic hybrid languages are developed – on the basis of artistic or other proficiency. Besides working in groups the participants are individually coached by the project manager.

  • LIA projects for beginners start with playful experiments in contact and communication, "with hands, head and feet", often deliberately on 'stages' in the immediate and everyday environment. The getting-acquainted phase is followed by exercises in perception and sensitization, which in turn create a platform for processes of improvisation and scenic composition.