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LIA – Lab Inter Arts

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  • LIA – Lab Inter Arts is a platform for crossover arts projects open to interested people from all cultural and artistic fields. LIA is as interdisciplinary platform a progressive development of the DanceMusicTheaterLaboratory, founded 1983 and directed by Helmi Vent.

  • LIA is a performance-oriented laboratory workshop, in which projects on various themes are developed together with the participants through improvisation processes. The participants are given incentives to bring in their artistic potential both in the current specific project and in an interdisciplinary cultural context. The basis of the project development work is the body as a sounding board – seen as an integrative interface between all kinds of reciprocal communication.

  • LIA links its artistic practice with accompanying seminars, in which questions that arise in the course of a project in progress are examined and discussed, particularly in relation to intercultural philosophy, performance studies and cultural studies..

  • LIA is an aesthetic research laboratory that ensures the sustainability on the basis of systematical video-documentation. Selected phases of the process, from the initial explorations to the final performance, are edited and published. In the center of the research is the development of an aesthetic profile of LIA's SpaceSoundBodyTheater. Furthermore there are those working methods on the research agenda which initiate and promote evolutionary and communicative processes.

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