Helmi Vent Helmi Vent

1994 Opening


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Konzept und Projektleitung

Helmi Vent


32 Studierende des Instituts für Musik- und Tanzpädagogik, Orff-Institut


Theatersaal, Orff-Institut Salzburg



Ein Festprojekt zur Studienjahrseröffnung nach Kompositionsideen von John Cage
Abteilung Orff-Institut, Hochschule Mozarteum Salzburg, 1994

About the Ceremony


Opening Ceremony of the University Year 1994-1995 according to Compositional Ideas by John Cage. Department of Music and Dance Education, Orff-Institute, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria). A celebration – performed in English – for the Undergraduates, Graduates and for the students of the Special Course 1994-1995. Salzburg, 13 October 1994

Ceremony Program

  • Acoustic Riddle (Solution: O P E N I N G)
  • Another "Lecture on Nothing"
  • Yodel with Instructions
  • Selected Thoughts from "Silence" by John Cage
  • Instrumental Improvisation: Prepared French Horn and Prepared Guitar
  • Vocal Improvisation: "Travelling" through Salzburg with Voices
    Instruction: Follow the indicated and conducted ways on the Salzburg map with your voice
  • "Dance" from John Cage: "3 Dances" (1945)
    Instruction for the audience: Take your chair and dance alltogether to the Cagean "Dance".
    Find a common end.