In Endless Halls

Project Direction, Concept and Staging

Helmi Vent

Project Partners

DanceMusicTheaterLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria)
Dept. of Classical and Contemporary Dance, Dept. of School Music, Dept. of Instrumental Music of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt (Germany)
Institute for Music Pedagogy of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität (Johann Wolfgang Goethe University) Frankfurt (Germany)


Chris Amrhein (voice, action theater)
Kristin Brünnler (dance)
Matija Ferlin (dance)
Lauren Newton (as a guest – voice art)
Hagen Pätzold (trumpet)
Alexandra Pesold (voice, dance)
Ariane Schack (dance)
Jaro Vent (trombone, action theater)
and others

Project Location

Foyer of the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt (Germany)


31 October 2000
01 November 2000, 18:00 and 20:00


Kristin Brünnler, Lauren Newton

SpaceSoundBodyTheater for the opening of the conference "Neue Musik in Szene" (New Music on the Scene)
Frankfurt, Oct./Nov. 2000
A cooperation project between Universities in Salzburg (Austria) and Frankfurt (Germany)

About the Project

........ an open work, corresponding to the open space of the entrance hall extending over three stories of the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, in which the entrances and exits, with their stairs, halls, banisters and projections, become platforms or even inclined planes on which people, with their various sound and body languages, become involved in conversation, sometimes deliberately, sometimes more or less incidentally in passing. The act of passing through developed into a defining element of the whole 'Halls' piece, since not a single rehearsal took place without 'crossing pedestrians' ('Quergänger') – who move across the rehearsal space in large or small groups, with or without instrument cases, sometimes munching on snacks or carrying music stands. These people became an actual part of the 'Halls' set: talking loudly, cautiously waiting, watching with fascination or aggravatedly complaining. In the course of the one-semester development work, these 'crossing pedestrians' wrote its own dynamic story, including their acoustic 'cross-relations' ('Querstände') – intermittent five or ten-second openings and closings of some practice room door or other that briefly flooded our rehearsal with a wave of different world music in a crescendo and diminuendo that seemed almost composed.

Helmi Vent



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"Auf allen Fluren und Treppen. Helmi Vents Raum-Theater in Frankfurt"
[In All Halls and Staircases. Helmi Vent’s Space Theater in Frankfurt] by Gerhard Rohde (in German)
nmz (neue musikzeitung), Issue 02/2001, p. 37, 50th year


Auf weiter Flur
[In Endless Halls]

A film documentary based on the SpaceSoundBodyTheater performance with the same name (2000)
Concept, Staging, Project partners, Performer, Location, Performances:  see above (Project Info)
Camera: Stefan Aglassinger, Christian Datz, Karl Plötzeneder
Video Editing: Chris Amrhein und Helmi Vent
Video Mastering: Chris Amrhein
Sound Editing and Mastering: Michele Gaggia
Film Production: Helmi Vent. © 2001

Presentation of the video film "Auf weiter Flur" ["In Endless Halls"]
18 April 2005, Zentrum im Berg, Fürbergstraße 18-20, 5020 Salzburg (Austria), 19:30

Poster of the Video Presentation (PDF)


... in Bearbeitung ...


Fotos: Michael Salmen

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