LIA / DanceMusicTheater Projects

  • Performance Studio. An AV-Documented Experimental Platform

    An “Interdisciplinary Project” on the focus area “Science&Art”, University of Salzburg and Mozarteum University Salzburg, featuring a summary of lab excerpts in the film “Hätte Hätte Fahrradkette. A Performance Lab” (see Trailer).

  • 30 Years – Where Would We End Up?

    Double-Event: An Anniversary Film commemorating thirty years of Helmi Vent’s workshop projects and Helmi Vent’s Retirement Party, May 17, 2013

  • Life Artists – Life Art

    A project to facilitate encounters with “Lebenskünstler” (life artists). The stages upon which these artists live their lives offer opportunities to take part in joint projects on location. Salzburg 2012-13.

  • Performative Self-Portraits Part II

    Laboratory Development in the Summer Semester 2012: From "protrahere" (Latin: "to drag forward") to a "portrait" with performative means

  • REP & RIP – REPertoire & Repertoire In Process

    A vocal theater project in Manado (North Sulawesi, Indonesien), February 10-29, 2012. A collaboration project with the Manado State University Choir, MSUC (Indonesien); Dr. André de Quadros (USA) und Helmi Vent (Germany/Austria)

  • ConCom India Part III – 2011

    The film documentary about the second part of the intercultural project work in India will be cause for joint reflections (September 2011) on the previous laboratory attempts in Goa and Mumbai (2009 and 2010)

  • Performative Self-Portraits Part I

    Laboratory Development in the Winter Semester 2011-12: From "protrahere" (Latin: "to drag forward") to a "portrait" with performative means

  • Lisa Sokolov, New York: Embodied VoiceWork

    A guest course about Embodying the Voice with Lisa Sokolov for students of LIA – Lab Inter Arts, Salzburg

  • Film Documents II: City Walks Mumbai 2010

    Presentation of a documentary film on the ConCom-Project: City Walks Mumbai 2010

  • Multi-Stage-Theater

    A project carried out in cooperation between LIA – Lab Inter Arts, University Mozarteum, the  Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the course of studies MultiMediaArt (MMA) of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, fall 2010

  • ConCom City Walks Mumbai 2010

    An intercultural encounter and performance project with partners from Mumbai (India) and the Lab Inter Arts, Salzburg (Austria), September 2010

  • Film Documents I: Between Hurdy-Gurdy and Red Cabbage

    Presentation of film excerpts for discussion, May 2010

  • ConCom Goa 2009

    An intercultural encounter and performance project in Panaji/Goa (India) with the partners Kala Academy/Goa, Boston University (USA) and LIA – Lab Inter Arts, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria), December 2009

  • Basement Theater

    A series of explorations in basement spaces, March – July 2009
    LIA – Lab Inter Arts, University Mozarteum Salzburg

  • Between Schranne and Mirabell

    Outdoor laboratory works in the neighbourhood of Mirabellplatz in Salzburg. April 2008 – October 2009
    LIA – Lab Inter Arts and interested parties from the Salzburg environment

  • Postludium – An Afterplay

    Action commentary on the transfer of the university parish priest Andreas M. Jakober, July 2008
    Front steps of the Salzburg University Church
    Helmi Vent in cooperation with the cultural association "K. – Junge Kultur Salzburg"

  • "Sing to the Lord a New Song"

    A scenic questioning of doctrines and traditions. Salzburg University Church, June 2007
    DanceMusicTheater Laboratory and university parish priest and rector of Salzburg University Church Andreas M. Jakober

  • Performative Arts – Audio-Visual

    Film chapters from the sound research project “Songs of(f) Stage”
    By the open day 14 Oct. 2006
    In the framework of the grand opening of the Salzburg Mozarteum’s new building on Mirabellplatz

  • Pezzettino – Facets of Identity

    Short Films 2005: Splitters of one’s own identity in personal and interpersonal patchwork fabrics

  • Strings in Conversation

    An experimental music theater project for string players, led by Helmi Vent in the context of her guest teaching at the "College of Music and Dance", Ulanbaatar (Mongolia), September 1–13, 2006

  • Word-Sound-Body-Essays

    Intermezzi to the conference "Mensch und Musik" (Man and Music), University Mozarteum Salzburg, in cooperation with the ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (Salzburg regional Studio of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), March 2002
    With instructors and students of the University Mozarteum and guest soloists

  • "I walked along ..."

    A SpaceSoundBodyTheater in the context of the international and interdisciplinary symposium "Musik und Humanität" (Music and Humanity) – Frankfurt, November–December 2001

  • In Endless Halls

    SpaceSoundBodyTheater for the opening of the conference "Neue Musik in Szene" (New Music on the Scene)
    Frankfurt, Oct./Nov. 2000
    A cooperation project between Universities in Salzburg (Austria) and Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Songs of(f) Stage

    Dedicated to Mauricio Kagel
    A sound research project for the opening of the "22nd International Festival of Contemporary Music – ASPEKTE Salzburg", May 1998
    DanceMusicTheaterLaboratory and VoiceArtist Lauren Newton

  • "Will you Play your Hurdy-Gurdy to my Songs?"

    A scenic questioning on the subject of the so-called 'self' and 'other', based on the concluding question of the poetry and lieder cycle "Winterreise" by Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert
    Salzburg (Austria), April 1995; Melbourne (Australia), July 1995; Cape Town (South Africa), July 1997

  • Opening

    Festive project to start off the academic year 1994-1995, based on compositional ideas by John Cage
    Department of Music and Dance Education, Orff-Institute, University Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria), 1994

  • Table Talks

    A piece with people at tables with hard edges and corners
    DanceMusicTheater Laboratory. Salzburg and Linz (Austria), 1992

  • "The Unanswered Question"

    A Performance project based on the music of the same name by Charles Ives as a leitmotif
    DanceMusicLaboratory, Salzburg (Austria) and Bochum (Germany) 1990

  • "Where are you, Adam?"

    A performance contribution to the environmental debate
    DanceMusicLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg
    Salzburg (Austria) and Enschede (Netherlands) 1989

  • "Art is when ..."

    "D… d… does anyone here know anything about art?"
    DanceMusicLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg
    Salzburg (Austria), Köln and München (Germany) 1987

  • "Please Take a Seat"

    A piece to illuminate positions
    DanceMusicLaboratory, University Mozarteum Salzburg
    Salzburg (Austria), Köln and München (Germany) 1985 and 1987