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30 Years – Where would we end up?
Basement Theater
Between Schranne and Mirabell
Film Documents I: Between Hurdy-Gurdy and Red Cabbage
Film Documents II: City Walks Mumbai 2010
Film Documents III: Performative Self-Portraits
ICD Berlin
In Endless Halls
Lisa Sokolov, New York: Embodied VoiceWork
Next Door - Between Live Art and "Leberkas"
Performance Studio. An AV-Documented Experimental Platform
Postludium – An Afterplay
REP & RIP – REPertoire & Repertoire In Process
"Sing to the Lord a New Song"
Songs of(f) Stage
"The Unanswered Question"
"Will you Play your Hurdy-Gurdy to my Songs?"
"Where are you, Adam?"